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  • Explore unfolding managed IT services for manufacturing

    MSPs are exploring opportunities to help manufacturers navigate digital transformation challenges, including integrating legacy systems and staying competitive.  Continue Reading

  • How MSPs can help in building resilience in supply chains

    Channel partners have stepped in to try to address supply chain disruptions, but not all vendors feel MSPs, consultants and other partners have the solutions manufacturers need.  Continue Reading

  • Partner ecosystem strategy: Co-innovation and other variants

    Co-innovation, generative partnering and co-creation describe alliances among customers, service providers and tech vendors. But what do the terms mean and what are the benefits?  Continue Reading

  • Co-innovation partnership model emerges as best practice

    Digital transformations have pushed technology to evolve rapidly, sparking co-innovation as a partnership model to drive change among vendors, channel partners and customers.  Continue Reading

  • Partners cite reinforcement learning use cases, gradual uptake

    Consultants view reinforcement learning as a tool for decision-making at scale and a way to solve optimization problems, but its capabilities remain a mystery for some customers.  Continue Reading

  • Financial industry cloud model gains momentum

    Channel partners working with industry clouds, such as IBM’s Cloud for Financial Services, can limit the work customers must do to meet application security and compliance requirements.  Continue Reading

  • Consultants see retail payment systems adapt to pandemic

    A mix of consulting and integration opportunities could drive partner business, as retailers look to adopt omnichannel technologies and hybrid sales models.  Continue Reading

  • VoltaGrid taps Rackspace for AI Ecosystem portal, cloud app

    With a lofty goal to revolutionize the mobile energy industry, VoltaGrid needed support to improve customer operations quickly. Learn how MSP Rackspace Technology stepped up.  Continue Reading

  • Web consulting project helps users prep for language test

    Computools created a website for users preparing for the International English Language Testing System exam, which helps people study in, or migrate to, English-speaking nations.  Continue Reading

  • SD-WAN project covers security, latency and cloud

    PM Pediatrics, an urgent care provider, hired service provider Vandis to improve branch security, but the project transformed into something much broader.  Continue Reading

  • Mission’s machine learning consulting gig boosts image

    E-card platform JibJab sought a better way to crop images for a new physical book product. Mission improved the process’s accuracy in an effort that won a 2021 Top Projects Award.  Continue Reading

  • Aruba partner equips facility with managed network solutions

    To build room to grow, Wiptec established a new distribution center with Aruba Edge Service Platform. See how channel partner CPU ensured a smooth process from start to finish.  Continue Reading

  • MSPs set up IT services for retail transformations

    MSPs can help the retail industry digitally transform in six areas, including customer and employee experience, and emerge stronger after the unique challenges of 2020 and 2021.  Continue Reading

  • 5 ways to improve MSP marketing and sales

    Review these tips to get a better understanding of the people, process and tools you’ll need to bolster what has been a traditional weakness among service providers.  Continue Reading

  • AIOps challenges ease into MSP system management

    AIOps is still early in development; however, the technology will help channel partners and customers contextualize large volumes of data and streamline management processes.  Continue Reading

  • Cloud data platforms spark partners’ consulting business

    Service providers can find a range of consulting opportunities as they help clients navigate a plethora of emerging data management platforms and associated tools.  Continue Reading

  • Channel partners prepare data analytics managed services

    Customers may not fully understand AI and machine learning technology yet, but channel partners have been building their expertise to make the use cases a reality for clients.  Continue Reading

  • Cloud for industry sectors calls for co-innovation

    The verticalization of cloud computing will hinge on alliances in which service providers, hyperscalers and customers collaborate on industry-specific platforms.  Continue Reading

  • MSPs find soft-skill, tech challenges in help desk ticketing

    Service provider personnel must work through automation, staffing and software challenges when they deploy help desk ticketing central business management systems.  Continue Reading

  • Deloitte software engineering gets global boost

    Recent acquisitions help the consultancy pursue 24/7 software sprints to meet customer demand for digitalization and faster product delivery cycles.  Continue Reading

  • Partners see client transformation in industry clouds

    Verticalized offerings could help organizations get more out of their cloud investments and seize competitive advantage, with service providers playing an advisory role.  Continue Reading

  • Keeping talent may call for apprenticeships, training

    Service providers struggling with conventional employee hiring and retention approaches may need to pursue alternate routes, industry executives said.  Continue Reading

  • Cybersecurity outlook 2022: Consultants cite 5 trends

    What’s in store for IT security? Consultants and MSPs point to zero trust, cryptographic governance and a more targeted approach to education as among the key developments.  Continue Reading

  • 2022 in-person, virtual partner events calendar

    This channel partner conference listing features a range of events for MSPs, cloud consultants, resellers, systems integrators and other partner types.  Continue Reading

  • Data analytics in IoT offers new opportunities for MSPs

    For MSPs monitoring thousands of IoT devices, parsing the associated data stream provides an outlet for growth. MSPs, however, must first acquire the essential skills.  Continue Reading

  • Service providers predict 2022 technology trends

    Cloud developments, data analytics technology and nascent metaverses could keep consultants and integrators occupied for the coming year and well beyond.  Continue Reading

  • IoT hardware sales can bolster MSPs

    Offering connected devices could prove a lucrative business, given the potential to monitor a large installed base. But MSPs must prepare for the scope of the challenge.  Continue Reading

  • IoT opportunities for MSPs in monitoring, management

    Partners can extend their existing services into the realm of IoT, but they should brace themselves for massive device populations and gear up for security.  Continue Reading

  • 4 key managed services trends to watch in 2022

    Service providers should prepare to navigate industry consolidation, an uneven vertical market landscape, rising digital transformation demand and new partnering models.  Continue Reading

  • Multi-cloud deployments challenge customers, partners

    The complexity of operating multiple clouds has opened opportunities for consultants and service providers, who aim to instill a more holistic management approach.  Continue Reading

  • Consultants promote sustainability in technology industry

    IT advisors aim to boost green practices, assessing everything from air travel to service delivery methods. Their efforts influence the sustainability services they offer clients.  Continue Reading

  • SearchITChannel 2021 Top Projects Awards

    We’re recognizing channel partners that have supported a client’s groundbreaking IT initiative. Nominate your company for the SearchITChannel Top Projects Awards below.  Continue Reading

  • SMB cybersecurity challenges create new roles for MSPs

    SMB cybersecurity challenges have caused MSPs to become their clients’ go-to security experts. Here are tips for becoming a security-focused MSP.  Continue Reading

  • Sustainability consulting services on the rise

    Partners’ offerings for sustainability initiatives range from technical services and tools to leadership advice. Supply chain concerns and regulatory duties could boost demand.  Continue Reading

  • Local government ransomware attacks and how MSPs can help

    State and local government ransomware attacks will persist unless agencies put stronger security measures in place. MSPs offer a cost-effective means of support.  Continue Reading

  • State and local government technology revs digital services

    Agencies, in a bid to quickly roll out citizen services, rely on a combination of chatbots, upgraded networks, no-code/low-code technology and cloud computing.  Continue Reading

  • IT firm scores victory with stadium technology project

    IT services provider Atomic Data helped set up key networking components for FC Cincinnati’s new soccer stadium. The project deployed a mix of Aruba Networks technology.  Continue Reading

  • Citrix partner supports UTM’s remote learning technologies

    Citrix partner Third Octet made its first foray into the education vertical in 2020, when it helped the University of Toronto Mississauga execute a remote learning transition.  Continue Reading

  • AWS Marketplace professional services gain momentum

    Partners cite flexible contracting and custom offers as key advantages of selling in the marketplace, but they look for AWS to help with T&M contracting and catalog creation.  Continue Reading

  • Education technology market seeks stability in hybrid model

    Channel partners said schools now have a chance to revisit hastily created remote learning systems as they take a longer-term, enterprise view of cloud and security.  Continue Reading

  • Cloud integration services emerge as partner opportunity

    Consultants help customers unify disparate cloud systems, offering services reminiscent of 1980s vintage systems integration. They face obstacles along the way, however.  Continue Reading

  • SearchITChannel Top Projects Awards for 2021

    We’re recognizing channel partners that have supported a client’s groundbreaking IT initiative. Nominate your company for the SearchITChannel Top Projects Awards below.  Continue Reading

  • Accenture backs Climeworks on CO2 removal tech

    The consulting firm offers software, market advice and visual design services to the carbon removal venture, which recently opened a plant in Iceland.  Continue Reading

  • Cisco routes to market expand amid cloud marketplace growth

    Cisco cited a significant shift toward the cloud and a decline in reselling. However, the company said resellers will remain important to its sales approach.  Continue Reading

  • AI, zero trust support remote work technologies

    Artificial intelligence and zero-trust frameworks have played a critical role in helping enterprises support a surging remote workforce.  Continue Reading

  • Channel companies face cybersecurity reckoning

    A CompTIA ChannelCon panel discusses the current landscape and what it means for channel partners that must strengthen their own security while protecting their clients.  Continue Reading

  • Salesforce partner demand soars, M&A follows

    The Salesforce skills crunch has generated a wave of acquisitions in the partner ecosystem. But M&A isn’t the only remedy: Consultants have also boosted training.  Continue Reading

  • How cloud consultants execute a product development strategy

    Creating intellectual property can help partners meet soaring demand for cloud services, differentiate their offerings and boost their appeal to investors.  Continue Reading

  • Tech giants foster green software engineering movement

    The Green Software Foundation, which includes Accenture and Microsoft as members, will create an ecosystem of people, standards, tools and practices to develop green software.  Continue Reading

  • Does the Microsoft partner ecosystem follow the 80/20 rule?

    Partner Elevate director Desmond Russell believes Microsoft’s channel strategy underserves the bulk of its partners. Here’s how Microsoft could better support its channel ecosystem.  Continue Reading

  • Guide to building and executing an MSP business model

    This managed service guide provides an overview of how to get started in the MSP business, covering the basics of building a service provider and the challenges in doing so.  Continue Reading

  • SADA’s FinOps lead sheds light on an emerging field

    In this Q&A, SADA’s Rich Hoyer discusses the fundamentals of FinOps, why it’s gaining visibility, and the conundrum of cloud technology and its value to customers.  Continue Reading

  • Tips for MSPs to bridge the cybersecurity talent gap

    Hiring and retaining cybersecurity professionals represent uphill battles. Some MSPs have adopted a combination of internal training and AI tools to offset the dearth in talent.  Continue Reading

  • Why and how MSPs adopt cybersecurity industry standards

    Cybersecurity industry standards can help MSPs mitigate internal security risks. Here are the benefits and challenges of adopting security frameworks.  Continue Reading

  • Selling professional services on cloud marketplaces

    Partners say cloud sales platforms offer a way to find new customers, launch proofs of concept and seed bigger deals. Learn more about this emerging channel.  Continue Reading

  • In-house vs. outsourced marketing for MSPs

    Content marketing has emerged as an effective strategy for MSPs, but it can get tricky when deciding if in-house or outsourced talent should create these marketing materials.  Continue Reading

  • Consultants work around mainframe staffing limitations

    Specialized service providers aim to offset labor constraints with a mix of education programs, on-the-job experience and tools such as robotic process automation.  Continue Reading

  • Exec discusses Ensono acquisition, vertical strategy

    In this Q&A, Ensono president Marc Capri details the company’s post-deal plans, which include bolstering its transformation capabilities and cultivating an industry focus.  Continue Reading

  • Accenture: Channel partner ecosystem taps cloud, innovation

    Times have changed for channel partners. Companies today drive most business through cloud providers and seek to co-innovate industry-specific offerings with technology partners.  Continue Reading

  • Outcome-based contracting sees uptick during pandemic

    Contracts that tie service provider payments to results has gained momentum as customers pursue digital transformation projects. Learn about the implications for service providers.  Continue Reading

  • Accenture Cloud First exec cites C-suite engagement

    In this Q&A, Accenture Cloud First lead Karthik Narain reflects on the business group’s first months of operations and the growing C-suite interest in cloud computing.  Continue Reading

  • IoT integration services evolve in maturing market

    IT service providers are moving upstream to address client needs in an IoT market that has lost some, but not all, of its science project reputation.  Continue Reading

  • Top MSP marketing tools to generate leads

    MSP marketing tools are a must-have for successful lead-gen efforts. Execs at Valiant Technology, SADA and Synoptek round up the products supporting their marketing strategies.  Continue Reading

  • Digital maturity laggards play catchup, consultants say

    Companies behind the curve of digital transformation can close the gap on digital business leaders, according to professional services firms.  Continue Reading

  • E-commerce firm Radial taps Presidio for VDI cloud migration

    As the pandemic sparked a surge in e-commerce demand, Radial needed to expand its capabilities. Learn how Presidio helped Radial with a VDI cloud migration to VMware Cloud on AWS.  Continue Reading

  • Aruba partner tackles university’s wireless network upgrade

    Doane University kicked off a two-phase wireless network overhaul in response to the pandemic. Learn how Aruba partner DataVizion has helped execute the project.  Continue Reading

  • SAP modernization calls for varied skills, phased approach

    SAP’s partner ecosystem plays a role in legacy-system-to-cloud migration, moving customers away from aging hardware platforms such as mainframes and client-server systems.  Continue Reading

  • Co-managed IT support sees demand in the remote work era

    As businesses weather the pandemic, many organizations’ IT departments find themselves pushed to the limits and in need of outside help. Enter co-managed IT support services.  Continue Reading

  • Unified communications managed services evolve amid pandemic

    Service-level agreements, management layers, incident tracking and governance are all part of the evolving cloud communications service provider business model.  Continue Reading

  • How MSPs can build a post-merger integration team

    Combining two companies is a complex undertaking, spanning employees, operations and line-of-business applications. An integration team ensures MSPs stay on task.  Continue Reading

  • Archival cloud storage market expands for channel partners

    Channel partners can expect demand for archival cloud storage to grow as vendors mature their offerings. Learn about this cloud storage category’s strengths and limitations.  Continue Reading

  • Third-wave cloud consultants take on larger scope of services

    Cloud consultancies have grown from boutiques to firms with global ambitions. The latest iteration of these consultancies will push the business in new directions.  Continue Reading

  • M&A integration plan calls for careful systems balance

    Systems and business process rationalization can be a chore when pursuing a post-merger integration plan. IT services firms carefully choose the components to deploy companywide.  Continue Reading

  • ClearScale telemedicine app uses range of Amazon services

    Creative Practice Solutions, a medical consulting company, called on ClearScale to develop a telemedicine offering that lets physicians conduct and record remote patient visits.  Continue Reading

  • VMware Cloud on AWS partners see ongoing opportunity

    Rackspace Technology, Faction and Converge Technology Solutions help clients tap into VMware Cloud on AWS for a range of uses.  Continue Reading

  • Veristor taps Cloudian for cloud adjacent architecture

    MSP uses vendor’s S3-compatible technology to offer storage as a service, backup/disaster recovery and ransomware protection, while avoiding the inefficiency of overprovisioning.  Continue Reading

  • IT services industry tweaks business models amid pandemic

    MSPs and IT consultants have developed new services, emphasized cloud offerings and boosted cybersecurity capabilities to address COVID-19 and its effects on customers.  Continue Reading

  • Healthcare security services firms tackle ransomware spike

    As healthcare organizations face an onslaught of ransomware attacks, channel partners can assist with security initiatives such as zero-trust architectures to prevent breaches.  Continue Reading

  • AI in managed service software to boost automation

    From security to streamlined help desk systems, AI could have profound benefits for MSPs in the future.  Continue Reading

  • MSP buyers weigh M&A integration vs. independence

    MSP M&A activity is surging as investment dollars flow into the sector. How buyers handle the post-acquisition environment will determine whether the combination succeeds.  Continue Reading

  • MSPs tap Red Hat Ansible for managed services automation

    IT services providers have deployed the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to minimize repetitive work and boost productivity — even in uncertain times.  Continue Reading

  • Channel relationships shift as cloud storage expands

    As MSPs look to harness the advantages of cloud storage, they must also articulate the value they provide and enter into a regimen of nonstop training and certification.  Continue Reading

  • Cloud storage reseller or consumer? Partners face market shift

    A market rife with storage options provides a varied and sometimes ambiguous environment for IT services firms, which take varying paths in a changing infrastructure sector.  Continue Reading

  • Partners guide clients on mainframe modernization strategy

    The chore of revitalizing the mainframe involves a range of approaches and may call for modern languages, microservices and cloud migration, consultants and service providers said.  Continue Reading

  • Azure Virtual Desktop partners find SMB deals

    The economics of Microsoft’s AVD has made virtual desktops more feasible for some smaller business, but partners said the technology scales to support enterprise clients.  Continue Reading

  • 4 considerations for rebranding a company in the MSP sector

    Planning to rebrand? Here are some factors to consider, whether you’re seeking a new look for a maturing business or a unified image that spans multiple acquisitions.  Continue Reading

  • SD-WAN industry growth opens partner opportunities in 2021

    Channel partners can take advantage of SD-WAN industry expansion by addressing customers’ interoperability and security concerns, according to Spirent Communications executives.  Continue Reading

  • 2021 in-person, virtual channel partner events calendar

    The 2021 channel partner event schedule features a mix of virtual and in-person conferences. Our listings include events for MSPs, consultants, VARs, SIs and other partner types.  Continue Reading

  • Managed IT services market to grow more competitive in 2021

    Kaseya Corp. predicts multiple opportunities for MSPs to expand their businesses next year, but it also points to a backdrop of uncertainty and intensifying competition.  Continue Reading

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