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Free Dedicated Franchise Coach

Franchise Coach

Your highly experienced Franchise Coach will help you through the entire process. Questions about the best brands? Franchises to avoid? Legal? Financing? Your Franchise Coach is here to help.

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More Franchise Choices

More Choices

Going direct to the franchise you’ll never know if there were more profitable options available. We’ll help you find the most profitable businesses best suited to your business goals, skills, and market demand.

Franchise Industry Reports

Research Tools

Industry Reports,(long term projections), Skills Assessments (matching skills to ideal franchise), Comparative Analysis Reports (compares multiple franchises) and more. Better research reduces risk and increases future profits.

Franchise Industry Connections

Industry Connections

Insider access to unadvertised premium franchises, local resale franchises and our extensive industry connections. Speak to existing owners of any franchise as a part of the diligence process.

Know The Risks of Buying A Franchise

Know Your Risks!

Buying any franchise entails risk. These risks are often understated or even ignored by sellers. Our process provides franchise buyers with hype-free data so buyers can make an informed decision.

E2 Investor Visa Franchise

E-2 Visa Franchises

Investor Visa applicant? We work with hundreds of E-2 Visa Friendly Franchises who are excited to work with you. Learn more about the E-2 Visa Franchise Program.

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Jerry Helped me every step of the way, and was able to provide insight about the franchise industry, that I as a beginner could not possibly have had on my own.

L. Balaklaw, MD, MBA

I couldn’t be happier I called Joe at Franchise City! I was ready to jump on board with a franchise when I thought I should see if I was missing out on anything. I called Franchise City on a whim, and boy, was I missing out on a wealth of information and better opportunities!

David Morrison – Disaster Recovery Franchise in Canada

Shari is an absolutely gem to work with! Very professional, attentive and efficient. We were able to secure new future thanks to her expertise. 100% recommend.

Jun Yen

Robert Edwards at Franchise City helped us find a senior care franchise paying less royalties and having a larger territory than our original choice. I highly recommend their services.

Ted Owens – Owner of a Popular Senior Care Franchisee

After following their YT channel for a while, my business partner and I were ready to take the next step. Reaching out to Franchise City and working with Pam was a great decision. Her patience, professionalism and dedication to helping us accomplish our goals are what made Franchise City an excellent partner in this process. Thank you Pam!

Bradly McComb

Brad was very professional and knowledgeable from start to finish. He helped me find a new career opportunity that best fit my family. I highly recommend!

Chuck Yates – Concrete Craft Franchisee

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