General Debate 26 September 2022

I read the latest post from Eugyppius this morning. They were talking about the continuing insanity of German health officials and their irrational pushing of covid policies. They are publishing provable lies and half truths to maintain this position. It is at the point of being delusional madness. This paragraph summed up the their position but it is one shared by many of our politicians, “experts” and citizens in NZ.

Nor is there any hope of ever correcting them. They harbour a deep desire for Corona to be bad, and a hunger for any factoid that casts the virus in a menacing or a dangerous light. The alternative is accepting that their policies are unjustified and they’ve inflicted massive harm for no reason.

As always with Eugyppius, worth reading in full.

Far too many people had no problem standing by while their friends, families and others were segregated, vilified and punished for making a personal medical choice – they share this position.

They are in complete denial, don’t want to talk about it. If we even try and mention what happened we’re told to let it go, to move on.

There need to be some serious conversations and acknowledgments made before we will ever be able to move on. People need to understand this. It’s part of the process. We can move on eventually, but many people need to acknowledge that there were great harms done and that they won’t let it happen again.

A friend who was in the fire service but lost his job due to the mandates told me that one of his colleagues recently said to him, “that shouldn’t have happened, we should have at least stood by you.”

He told me the friend who said that isn’t the type to apologise, that this statement was as close to an apology as he was ever going to get. He said it was at least an acknowledgment that what happened was wrong. That at least as far as this friend was concerned he would now move on.
Now waiting for the others.