“Before TAG, it was one disaster after another. We continually had computer problems and things never seemed to get rectified properly. One of our employees who knew Joe from another company recommended him and we brought TAG into our company and ever since then, things have been fantastic.

As a senior partner, I don’t get involved in the day-to-day operations, especially on the computer side. Plus, I’m not very computer literate which is why I love TAG so much – because things just work. They come whenever we call them. Everything runs smoothly and before TAG, we did not experience that. We went from chaos to peace of mind.”

Andrew KayWe continually had problems before TAG

“We were in need of extensive advice regarding all aspects of our computers, internal network, internet services, website development and e-mail services. Joe and his team are extremely knowledgeable, courteous and prompt. We are very pleased we made the decision to choose The Technical Action Group as our Toronto IT Solutions company. If you are looking for hassle-free IT solutions, take the time to talk to TAG.”

Rev. Craig BurtonKnowledgeable, Courteous & Prompt

“With our last Toronto IT Solutions company, we weren’t getting any leads off of our website. After asking them to check if things were working ok, they said there weren’t any problems, but we continued to go for months with no web leads. When we hired TAG, they instantly identified a backlog of about 2,500 e-mails from our website that hadn’t come through to us – we were horrified at how much business this might have cost us over the past year! In about 6 or 7 minutes, Mike Stroud of TAG detected the problem, and then resolved it and we now get all of our website e-mails. TAG was able to instantly correct something that is an integral part of our business.”

Dan GoldharInstant Resolution To An Internal Part Of Our Business

“After going through a number of hardware and network IT Consulting support in Toronto partners that proved to be generally unreliable, unprofessional and sloppy, we started to refer Technical Action Group to our clients over 2 years ago. TAG has proven to be an effective, reliable and professional partner that we are now comfortable staking our reputation on.
In fact, TAG has become a critical factor in the success of our client projects because we know that we can count on best-in-class implementation and support of a robust, reliable network infrastructure that is vital to their success.”

Jonathan KayCritical Factor In The Success Of Client Projects

“TAG has helped us to develop and maintain a computer network that is suited specifically to our business needs. The recommendations they have given us have improved our systems and enabled us to work more efficiently. TAG has always been extremely responsive to our trouble calls for technical support. They always return them promptly with a solution being found immediately.”

Richard WarburtonThey Enabled Us To Work More Efficiently

“With TAG monitoring our systems, they catch things before we realize we have a problem. If they weren’t doing this, it would slow us down – our workflow is now in more in order than before we hired TAG and everything is on track. They relieve my stress by fixing issues and they are very reliable, which is key to me. I would definitely recommend TAG. They’re friendly, helpful and not arrogant – like some other IT guys have been with us. TAG gets the job done on time and everything just flows.”

Gary CainThey Relieve My Stress

“We were growing very quickly and the Toronto computer support that our previous person was giving us, we didn’t feel was sufficient for our needs, so we were recommended to TAG. Since TAG has been supporting our network, our employees feel more comfortable because things run smoothly. We completely trust TAG. In the one-on-one dealings I have had with Joe and his people, I find they are very knowledgeable and they have found effective solutions for us.When we do experience any issues they respond efficiently and quickly and they communicate with us in terms we understand.”

Herb GoldsteinI Feel Great Trust With TAG

“TAG came to us highly recommended. In our initial meetings, we were impressed with TAG’s knowledge. They were personable and we felt confident that Joe and his team would work hard and make necessary changes to keep our computers, network and internet services running smoothly.
We are pleased with the decision to use TAG as our outsourced IT services provider in Toronto. Many modifications to our system were necessary. Their expert advice, prompt response time and approachability have been very valuable. As the IT contact, I have confidence just knowing I can rely on TAG to answer a question or look into something right away. They keep us running smoothly! We depend on TAG and would highly recommend them.”

Cheryl RogersWe Depend On TAG