NBN Fixed Wireless Residential Plans

How do I get connected to the NBN?

Internode provides services in all NBN areas (except Satellite). To see if we can connect you, check your address to see if the NBN is available at your premises.

If the NBN is coming soon, you can register your interest online and we’ll contact you when it’s time to place an order.

All you’ll need to do is pick out an NBN plan and sign up online, or give one of our friendly NBN experts a call on 13 66 33. If it turns out you need a technician to visit and install some NBN equipment, don’t worry – we’ll help organise this for you.

Can I keep my existing telephone number to use on the NBN?

In most cases, we can bring your existing telephone number over to the NBN network. Just call our friendly Sales Team on 13 66 33 to discuss the matter further.

Alternatively, you can specify that you’d like to keep your telephone number when you sign up online. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of your number transfer.

I have existing broadband/phone services. How can I upgrade to NBN?

Typically your address can be upgraded to NBN broadband with little to no downtime. More often than not, you can continue to use your existing services until your new NBN equipment has been installed and your service has been activated. In the meantime, you should check to make sure that your current modem will be compatible with your new NBN broadband service.

Upgrading is simple, just sign up online or call our expert Sales Team on 13 66 33 to get started.

Remember: Moving to NBN broadband will not necessarily cancel your existing broadband and phone services. Once you’ve upgraded, please contact your existing provider to ensure your old services are cancelled, otherwise you may continue to be billed for them.

I’m renting, what do I have to do to get connected to NBN?

Prior to any installation work taking place at the premises, you’ll need to secure permission from your property manager or landlord. If they have any questions, just point them to this FAQ.

I already have NBN. How do I switch my NBN provider to Internode?

If you already have an active NBN service connected at your address, we’ll typically connect your NBN service on a spare data port on your NBN Connection Box.

Once you’re up and running with Internode NBN, simply cancel any unneeded services with your former service provider(s).

If you do not own the active NBN service connected at your address (i.e. you’ve just moved in and the previous tenant has left their services connected) then please see our Connect Outstanding FAQ instead.