Pokémon Uranium

Brave the dangers of Tandor

Pokémon Uranium is a free adventure video game that lets you enjoy Pokémon in a whole new way. First created by JV and InvoluntaryTwitch and now maintained by its dedicated community, this 2D pixelated game is a fangame based on the popular RPG virtual pet game franchise, Pokémon

Similar to Pokémon Phoenix Rising, Pokémon Uranium features a darker storyline than what is usually portrayed in the official Pokémon games. This game also adds several completely new and fan-made Pokémon that you can add to your roster of battle pets, as well as a new region to explore.

Is Pokémon Uranium hard?

Pokémon is a Japanese media franchise owned by Nintendo, Creatures, Inc., and Game Freak—first released in 1996 with Pocket Monsters: Red and Green. The basic concept for the player being able to capture and collect creatures known as Pokémon in order to battle other Pokémon trainers. Its popularity eventually spawned numerous sequels for different gaming platforms and even branching to media like movies and spin-off games in different mediums. 

Aside from official installments, fans of the series also took to creating mods and fangames. Some of those came from the desire to see new content—and this is how Pokémon Uranium came to be. As a fan-made game, it adds over 150 new Pokémon and a new type called Nuclear. Additionally, it offers a whole new region called Tandor that has 13 towns and 8 gyms to conquer.

Story-wise, it’s a bit darker than most since it deals with the theme of nuclear danger. Gameplay-wise, however, it amps up the difficulty. Every fight is harder than usual even if you grind. You can even enable custom game modes like Randomizer and Nuzlocke. This makes it all the more challenging—although the overall performance of the game can be disappointing since it lags whenever you enter a fight.

Beloved by the Pokémon community

All in all, Pokémon Uranium is a great Pokémon fangame and is highly popular for a good reason. It features numerous original content for fans of the series and also allows for other game modes to mix things up for you. However, you ought to expect that the game will stutter and lag anytime you enter combat. Even high-spec PCs can’t get rid of this issue entirely.