Ranking every season of ‘Big Brother’

Remember in the previous entry when I talked about how bad the Coup D’Etat was? That was NOTHING compared to the terribleness of the Battle of the Block twist introduced in season 16. Two HOHs were crowned each week, and each nominated two people for eviction who then would battle each other for safety. But instead of the Head of Households pitting players against each other, the two HOHs kept working together picking their nominees, and the same people kept getting nominated week after week, and contestants kept throwing competitions — taking any sort of tension out of the proceedings. (The fact producers brought the twist back again in season 17 as a “fan favorite” is laughable.) It’s too bad, because there really is a great cast here, including Donny, Zach, Nicole, and two of the best to ever play the game in Derrick and Cody. Speaking of which, season 16 also featured one of the oddest subplots ever — the seemingly non-stop cuddling between single Cody and married Christine, leading to disapproving comments from Christine’s spouse, mother, and father, and the most savage Zingbot Zing of all time (“Coooooooody, you are such a nice guy. You have not made any enemies this summer. Except for maybe… Christine’s husband.”) Just brutal.