SIB | Fixed Cost Reduction

  • CASE STUDY: Westmed Medical Group

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    Multi-specialty medical practice, 13 office locations

    “The savings were tremendously significant,” said Colletta. “Like most healthcare organizations, we’re in an environment where every dollar counts. Westmed will be able to redirect these savings towards meaningful initiatives.”

    – Client Success Story

  • Genesis Healthcare

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    Genesis Healthcare- 500 skilled nursing centers & assisted/senior living communities

    With over 500 assisted living centers, it goes without saying we have a very complex and expansive network of external vendors and service providers, and expenses to match. SIB was able to achieve major savings across the board without diminishing our vendor services or relationships.

    – Jason Dobry, Senior Director of Supply Chain Management

  • Bishop Gadsden

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    A life care retirement community in Charleston, SC

    SIB’s team was knowledgable and diligent in pursuing these savings, and we always felt they had our best interests at heart. They are a great example of a first class consulting firm, and their results speak for themselves.

    – Lynne Kerrison, CFO

  • Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group

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    owns and operates 21 Red Robin restaurants

    SIB was able to quickly negotiate rate reductions and optimize service levels, saving [us] thousands per month. We saved money without having to change any of our vendors or partners.

    – Chris DeFrain, Chief Financial Officer

  • Franchise Operations

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    owns/operates 21 Burger King restaurants

    SIB was able to save us thousands in payroll expenses alone and ensured that we were getting competitive rates in several other spend areas.

    – Mike Showalter, President

  • Winger Bros. Management

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    23 corporate restaurant locations

    As a result of reaching out to SIB in a time of need, we were able to have our levels of waste, phone/internet, music, and digital marketing services properly adjusted to fit each restaurant’s unique needs during a global pandemic. This allowed us to focus on more pressing matters and worry less about bills coming in the mail. When our restaurants started to see a return to standard revenue streams, all we had to do was call SIB to revert our services to normal levels to support our everyday needs.

    – Sara Davis, Chief Financial Officer

  • PRV Management

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    Multi-Unit Franchisee, 29 KFC locations

    Perhaps the most exciting part of our review was the savings SIB achieved for us relating to our water bill. They identified a sizable refund for us from the City due to a hidden billing error, and SIB was able to quickly help us recover that money.

    – Ralph D. Burns, Vice President

  • Desert Venture LLC

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    Multi-Unit Franchisee, 14 Jack in the Box locations

    The process was simple and quick and the team at SIB certainly delivered — they were able to reduce our expenses in the areas of telecom, waste hauling and utilities to the tune of nearly $50,000 per year! And all of that without changing vendors.

    – Shehzad Gill

  • USI Insurance Services

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    Insurance Broker with 140+ Offices

    SIB’s recommendations will result in a six-figure reduction in our annual treasury fee expenditures. They conducted their review in a prompt, efficient manner and presented their findings with a great deal of specificity and clarity.

    – Nancy Colwell, Director of Treasury

  • Southern Virginia University

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    SIB was able to identify thousands of dollars in annual savings on our electricity costs as well as our payroll processing services. These savings have made it very worthwhile to work with SIB, and we believe that their services would be of equal value to other institutions of higher education.

    – Trenton DeSpain, Assistant Controller

  • Bromley Foods

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    Multi-Unit Franchisee, 12 Jack in the Box locations

    Working with our existing haulers, SIB identified billing errors, helped to optimize service across our locations, and negotiated much better rates for us. They saved us tens of thousands of dollars in just this one spend area.

    – Heather Gross/Terence F Jones

  • Empire Golf

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    Golf Course Management

    We sent SIB our recent bills and they quickly got to work analyzing our vendors, services, pricing, and plans… SIB negotiated better pricing without affecting our services at all, and our time commitment was minimal. Overall, SIB reduced our telecom and electricity costs by thousands of dollars per year, and we are very pleased with these results.

    – Rod Metzler, CEO

  • Yadkin Bank

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    70+ bank branches

    SIB found tens of thousands of dollars in savings opportunities in areas such as waste removal, document shredding, property tax, landscaping, and utilities… They made the process easy on us and they produced real, lasting results.

    – Jonathan Hornaday, Senior Vice President

  • Brenau University

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    The depth of SIB’s expertise was especially clear in the area of telecommunications, where they identified many potential savings opportunities adding up to tens of thousands of dollars a year… SIB’s approach was very detailed and comprehensive, which is what enabled them to create such impressive results.

    – Chip Andrews, Vice President and CIO

  • VTP Enterprises

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    We engaged SIB Fixed Cost Reduction to help us lower expenses across a variety of recurring spend areas, including waste removal, telecom, landscaping, property tax and even workers’ compensation insurance. SIB’s process was simple, straightforward and painless – we provided them with one month of invoices and they worked with our vendors to negotiate our rates.

    – Randy Robertson, Partner

  • MGC Insurance Defense

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    Law Firm with 13 Office Locations

    SIB’s initial audit revealed multiple billing errors from our vendors in excess of $10,000, and SIB worked with them to correct the problems. SIB also used a variety of other methods, such as price negotiations, plan optimization, and elimination of unused services to save money with our vendors and service providers.

    – Dana Eilrich, Director of Operations

  • Superior Van & Mobility

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    9 Specialized Vehicle Dealerships

    We decided to work with SIB because of their potential to save money on our waste removal costs, and they delivered impressive results. Because of SIB’s work, we will save in excess of $10,000 annually in our waste removal costs alone.

    – Tony Ohlmann, Corporate Controller

  • Manor College

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    We understand that SIB’s typical client is a larger organization in the private sector, often with multiple locations, and Manor College is a little different. However, the fact that they could apply their process and find savings for us means that SIB’s business model is well-suited to virtually any type of company or organization with regular monthly expenses.

    – John Winicki, Director of Finance & Facilities

  • Meathead Movers

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    Student Athlete Movers

    We were glad to hear that SIB found over $11,000 in annual savings opportunities… lowering our bills for HR services such as payroll processing, employee background checks, and workers’ compensation insurance. These measures will help us keep our expenses under control for years to come.

    – Aaron B. Steed, CEO/President

  • Mercer Street Hospitality

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    Six restaurant locations

    Our restaurants include a variety of concepts, but SIB Fixed Cost Reduction was able to apply their process to each of them, regardless of size, concept, or location. SIB managed to find and fix a billing error, and also negotiated lower rates for our vendor services such as telecom and pest control.

    – Jay Oliveros, Director of Operations

  • Snappy Salads

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    With SIB’s help, we have managed to lower our costs — on services such as laundry, security alarm, phone/internet, and bank fees — by tens of thousands of dollars annually. SIB’s approach is detailed and thoroughly professional, and they truly prioritize the client’s experience.

    – Paul Acker, Chief Financial Officer

  • Pi Kappa Phi Properties

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    21 student housing facilities

    As we operate within a very unique real estate niche and business model, SIB was able to tailor new contracts that best fit our business model… They were able to use their expertise to negotiate contracts and pricing that worked best for us, and we believe they can provide many benefits to anyone in the student housing market.

    – Matt Zellars, Real Estate Analyst

  • J-Wood Pipeline Services

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    Pipeline Construction Services Company

    We were impressed by the long list of expense categories that SIB has experience in reviewing. We chose the ones that applied to us and SIB’s staff quickly got to work reviewing them… we think our experience proves that their work can be valuable to virtually any type of company with regular monthly bills.

    – Greg Lantz, CFO

  • The David Associates

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    Commercial Real Estate

    SIB’s team reduced our monthly bills for services like landscaping, elevator maintenance, pest control, credit card processing, and waste removal. Their process was a one-stop shop for reviewing and reducing virtually all of our operating costs with third party vendors and service providers.

    – Lisa Gerard, President

  • McKean Defense

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    Employee-owned Company with 600+ Employees

    The project resulted in a notable reduction in our administrative operating costs, including payroll processing services and printer/copier maintenance services. For a company with a large white-collar workforce and expenses to match, this is a real help and will yield benefits for years to come.

    – David B. Walls, Chief Financial Officer

  • Boddie-Noell Enterprises

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    Multi-unit Hardee’s franchisee

    As a third-generation, family-owned company, we are very selective about whom we work with, and we were determined not to make major changes just for the sake of saving money. SIB understood and pursued very measured, sensible recommendations that would serve our operational service needs entirely.

    – Michael Hancock, Executive Vice President

  • Magnum Foods

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    Our staff could tell that SIB had lots of experience working with companies like ours. When SIB presented their proposals, it was very clear to us exactly the kind of financial benefits these steps would create, both in the short term and the longer term.

    – Teresa Coffman, Controller

  • Emerging Vision, Inc.

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    Eye Care Products and Services

    SIB worked diligently to find savings, and discovered that we were paying above-market rates for our document storage services… After issuing detailed recommendations and renegotiating our pricing to be more competitive, these steps led to a nice overall decrease in our monthly bills, as well as our future outlays.

    – Brian Alessi, Chief Financial Officer

  • Thunderbird LLC

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    SIB’s services seem tailor-made for companies like ours, with multiple locations and considerable operating costs from vendors and service providers. Because they were able to do such good work for us, we are confident they could provide similar benefits to other franchisees.

    – Aaron Miller, Owner

  • Original Bread

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    One of the main areas of focus was our telecommunications service, and SIB was very successful in recommending multiple ways to save money in this area both in the short term and the long term. Altogether, SIB’s work will reduce our company’s annual costs by more than $70,000.

    – Eric Cole, Vice President Operations

  • Taylorsville Savings Bank

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    SIB identified several specific opportunities to save money on our vendor services, including security alarm, armored car service, payroll processing service, and telecommunications. Their work will leave us with a lasting improvement in our monthly costs that will continue for years into the future.

    – Timothy Keever, President

  • Landmark Senior Living

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    5 Senior Living Communities

    We were pleased with the results and the minimal time it took for us to get their team what they needed to review our vendor rates and contracts… The best part, though, is that SIB was able to reduce our property tax bills by more than $40,000 annually.

    – Matthew Boyle, COO

  • Veni Vidi Vici, LLC

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    [W]e feel like SIB’s review benefited our company in two ways: the cost savings, obviously, but even more importantly the peace of mind that comes from knowing an expert has examined our expenses and found them to be largely under control. Knowing that we don’t have any above-market rates or other bad deals holding us back is something that allows us to focus on the core aspects of our business.

    – Dan Watkins, Franchisee

  • Schaff Enterprises

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    SIB quickly got to work reviewing our costs and contacting our vendors to attempt to create savings. SIB was successful in reducing our long-term waste removal costs, and we are glad we chose to work with them.

    – Victor Schaff, Owner

  • Restaurant Depot

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    Wholesale Foodservice Supplier

    SIB’s services are not only effective; they’re also a great value. We were very happy that SIB was willing to take on such a large project without requiring an up-front retainer, and they did not charge us a penny until our savings took effect.

    – Craig Miller, Director of Accounting

  • Lee Container Corporation

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    Manufacturing Company with 3 Facilities

    In addition to negotiating lower pricing for our telecom services, SIB conducted detailed work… and found that there were certain DSL lines we hadn’t been using, as well as a phone line that wasn’t even properly connected. Not only did SIB remove these unused services to save us money going forward, but they also successfully obtained credits for our past billing for the dead phone line.

    – Robert Varnedoe, President

  • American Natural

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    8 Convenience Stores

    The amount of savings found in just a couple months has exceeded our expectations and we have been very pleased with the responsiveness of everyone involved on your end. I will certainly be recommending you to other convenience store operators.

    – Benjamin J. Whitfield, Executive Vice President

  • Thunder Hut

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    SIB was able to apply their knowledge and pricing data to our accounts and negotiate a new waste removal deal that was better than I thought possible. They did all this while keeping us with our same service provider we have known for years.

    – Dan Coghlan, President

  • Boston National

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    7 Office Locations

    SIB performed detailed, professional work and succeeded in reducing our costs in several ways, particularly on our telecommunications services. Our staff was impressed by the number of ways SIB was able to find saings, and also with the long-term impact these savings will have on the company.

    – Benjamin D. Allison, Corporate Controller

  • Foundation House at Northgate

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    Non-Profit Senior Living Facility

    SIB’s team seemed to know exactly which expenses to target, and succeeded in negotiating long-term price reductions in a variety of spending areas, including elevator maintenance, printer/copier maintenance, phone/internet service, and especially our cable television service.

    – Sandra Morgan, Administrator

  • National Hospitality Services

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    They were able to standardize service and negotiate lower rates across a variety of categories, like waste removal, telecom, security systems, and maintenance contracts. SIB even secured significant funds as a result of two class action settlements that spanned our portfolio.

    – Chris Johnston, Sr. Controller

  • Walley Investments

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    SIB’s service is a great help to quick service restaurant franchisees, and I understand why. SIB’s team is willing and able to take on a number of responsibilities that companies don’t always have the resources to cover in-house.

    – Pete Walley, Owner

  • Brodersen Management Corp.

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    One area where SIB has been very helpful is our wireless telecom costs. SIB was able to get our cellular provider to stop charing us for services we weren’t using, and they put us on a more cost-effective plan. We like working with SIB because it was like having a whole new staff putting their expertise to work for our benefit.

    – John Brodersen, President

  • Tacala, LLC

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    SIB reviewed a wide variety of services and expense areas for the company, and found multiple savings opportunities, most of which added up to thousands of dollars in monthly savings. SIB’s work reducing our bank fees in particular has been extremely lucrative for Tacala.

    – Ragan Cain, Treasurer

  • Buche Foods

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    9 Supermarket Locations

    Your team did a good job thoroughly examining our monthly expenses and looking for opportunities… In the end, you managed to uncover some billing errors and lower our pricing, all while keeping us with our current vendors.

    – RF Buche, President

  • Costa Vida

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    SIB displayed thorough expertise and their team was very familiar with the day-to-day operations and challenges faced by a business like ours. They seem to have a knack for focusing on the smallest details and turning them into significant, continued savings.

    – Rich Jones, CFO

  • A & D Management Company

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    With their promise that we wouldn’t owe anything if they didn’t find savings, the decision to engage SIB was easy to make…. I would recommend giving SIB an opportunity to improve your bottom line as they have for us.

    – Dennis Swarthout, Director of Administration

  • Donohoe Hospitality Services LLC

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    SIB conducted a detailed audit of our fixed costs and presented us with their findings and savings recommendations as they became available… We were impressed by SIB’s meticulous process, and the breadth of their recommendations was remarkable, involving savings in no fewer than eight different spending categories.

    – Jack Fritsche, SVP & CFO

  • Au Bon Pain Corporation

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    130 Corporate Locations of Au Bon Pain Cafe Bakery

    I do not believe we would have achieved these savings without the independent expertise of the SIB team. In fact, SIB exceeded our expectations on the project and I would highly recommend their services to other organizations for this type of review.

    – Michael J. Lynch, Chief Financial Officer

  • JV Enterprises of Illinois

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    Ultimately, what we will continue to enjoy are the savings [SIB] found. It was obvious they left nothing out as every opportunity was found. That left my team not having to spend the time fighting for them. I would certainly recommend SIB to other Pizza Hut franchisees or any other business looking to cut costs.

    – John Addis, President

  • Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill

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    Everyone there has made this an easy process for my employees. We were enthusiastic to sign with SIB and see what you could do, but your audit team has exceeded our expectations.

    – JB Edwards, CFO

  • Helzberg Diamonds

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    Subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Nationwide Jewelry Retailer

    We have been extremely pleased with SIB’s work so far. They have gotten us tens of thousands of dollars just in credits and refunds for billing errors and negotiated new, reduced pricing in addition so that we will enjoy savings going forward.

    – Lonnie J. Lawton, Sr. Vice President/CFO

  • Ivan Smith Furniture

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    48 Retail Locations

    SIB started the process by listening to our thoughts and concerns, and took the time to understand our business. They were very attentive to our specific circumstances and the existing relationships we have with our vendors and service providers.

    – Trey Smith, CEO

  • Archiver’s

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    33 Retail Locations

    The savings presented to us so far during the SIB review process have been far beyond what we would have been able to find ourselves and it would have taken additional manpower on our end to even attempt it.

    – Kim M. Hubertus, Vice President, Finance

  • Horne Management

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    As a McDonald’s franchisee, I thought our rate on fixed-cost expenses were unbeatable, but SIB still managed to find meaningful savings with very little work on our part.

    – Robert Horne, Owner

  • Piggly Wiggly Carolina Company

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    100+ Supermarkets located in South Carolina and Georgia

    They showed genuine care and concern for protecting the strong relationships we have with our vendors…SIB discovered a billing error that spanned many years and exceeded $25,000 from one of our water/sewer utilities-and that was just a single location….it was quickly overshadowed by the long-term, recurring savings SIB was able to achieve.

    – Christopher Isben, Director of Corporate Affairs

  • Atlantic Coast Enterprises, LLC

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    Multi-Unit Franchisee, Owns and Operates 52 Jiffy Lube Locations

    SIB’s team used their knowledge and experience to audit our bills and come up with a plan to maximize cost savings going forward. Their approach resulted in the removal of fraudulent charges from our telecom bills and a substantial reduction in both telecom and waste rates that will result in tens of thousands of dollars in annual savings.

    – Daniel Ramon, Chief Financial Officer

  • MP2 Enterprises, LLC

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    Multi-Unit Franchisee, 15 Pizza Hut Locations

    SIB even found services that we were paying for that we weren’t using. All in all, our experience with SIB has been a good one and I would definitely recommend their services to any other Pizza Hut Franchisee or business owner.

    – Bryant Peterson, Managing Member

  • Coffee Regional Medical Center

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    200 Bed Regional Hospital

    The final result was that they were able to do more than we ever expected – they got us a refund for our billing error and cut our biowaste by 21%. Because of this success, we have engaged SIB to look at eight more spending categories and we look forward to even more savings.

    – Donny Bradshaw, Decision Support/Cost Accounting

  • PRG Ventures

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    We were happy not only with the savings they found, but with the other audits they performed to determine that our spending in a variety of other areas was under control. This gives us peace of mind, as does the fact that we can turn to SIB for our future vendor contract negotiations.

    – Charles James III, Managing Owner

  • F and F Food Services

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    SIB reviewed our expenses and found major savings that surpassed our expectations completely. We are grateful to SIB for correcting significant billing errors, optimizing our services, and reducing our pricing by such a large margin.

    – Jon Simmons, Director

  • Westar Foods

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    I especially appreciated the breadth of SIB’s service offerings…. Rather than relying on different experts to review each aspect of our vendor services – be it telecom, pest control, utilities, or others – we could instead turn to SIB’s team and count on them to cover all the bases.

    – Frank Westermajer, President

  • Whitefords, Inc.

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    Multi-concept, multi-unit franchisee

    As a fast-food franchisee, I appreciated the fact that SIB took the time to examine the distinct needs of my particular business. They knew to target cost savings in areas like grease trap cleaning and hood cleaning, whose recurring costs have a tendency to add up in this industry.

    – Jake Rasor III, President

  • RedKing Foods

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    I was very pleasantly surprised when your team was able to find rates even more competitive than the discounted rates we were paying before. We feel like your review has made us among the most efficiently-operating Burger King franchisees in the country.

    – Jim Reddin, President

  • Cranford’s Fresh World, Inc.

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    6 Supermarket Locations

    SIB’s team went to work for us and quickly found savings that we began benefiting from right away… I feel much more confident now about the funds we spend toward our operating costs, because I know we’re getting a good value.

    – Wayne Cranford, General Manager

  • Biscuitville

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    Corporate-Owned Restaurant Concept with 60+ locations

    We are pleased to have many of your recommendations officially in process. It’s amazing to think about how much these savings will mean to us in the long run- it makes me very glad to have signed up for an SIB review.

    – John Huffman, Chief Operations Officer

  • American Signature Furniture

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    100+ Retail Locations

    We were impressed by SIB’s ability to take on a project of this size, and to find such a wide variety of actionable savings opportunities… SIB provides a valuable service, and we would not hesitate to recommend them.

    – Bryan Beam, Chief Operating Officer

  • Georgetowne Group LP

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    Multi-Unit Franchisee, Burger King

    We’re now paying over 30% less on certain fixed cost categories because of SIB’s review.

    – Joseph D. Anghelone, Managing Partner

  • Jason’s Deli

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    Corporate Locations

    We were impressed by the speed and professionalism with which they conducted their review. If consultants are ultimately judged by the results they create, SIB earns very high marks for their work.

    – Noelle Faille, Facilities Manager

  • Barnes Healthcare Services

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    In-Home Healthcare

    After hearing about SIB’s process and realizing that it wouldn’t cost us any money up front or much time at all, we decided to give it a try. Signing with SIB has been a great decision; they have found a ton of savings for us.

    – Charles W. Barnes, Chief Executive Officer

  • Eye Care Center

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    Multi-Location Optometry

    SIB completed the review quickly and efficiently, and presented their findings in a detailed conference call with eyecarecenter management. We were thrilled to hear that SIB found us annual savings in the six figures, including huge savings on one of our largest expenses, credit card processing costs.

    – S. Karen Bullock, Finance Director

  • Seana Restaurant Group

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    Multi-unit franchisee

    I consider my company to be frugal, but there’s simply no way we could have devoted the resources to an internal review the way SIB could, with their staff and their expertise. The fact that SIB was willing to offer all this with no upfront costs was icing on the cake.

    – David Shea, Owner

  • Suffolk University

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    University located in Massachusetts with 10,000+ students

    SIB worked tirelessly on our waste removal bills, and they continue to track them to make sure no unnecessary overbilling resurfaces. The audit was not an intrusion, required no budgeting, and we are only paying SIB a percentage of found savings.

    – John Nucci, Vice President of External Affairs

  • Benjamin Moore Paints

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    Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiary, Nationwide retailer

    In addition to the little time needed from our staff, SIB Development proved their value by effectively finding better rates and redundancies with our telecom and waste removal vendors, helping us obtain better rates that will save us over $1,200,000 over five years.

    – Joanne McGowan, Retail Accounting Manager

  • Half-Moon Outfitters

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    8 Retail Locations

    SIB Development achieved quantifiable improvements in a short time, with little effort on the part of our staff. Our company will save tens of thousands of dollars in the years to come from the savings we are deriving from SIB’s review process.

    – Marielle Charette, Head of Accounting

  • Continental Carbon

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    Manufacturer and Distributor of Carbon Products

    My overall impression of SIB Fixed Cost Reduction is very positive. The company took the lead and did a good job renegotiating improved terms on our waste removal contracts.

    – Tom Carroll, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

  • Lat Purser & Associates

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    Property Management, Shopping Center & Commercial Real Estate Services

    It took my staff minimal effort to obtain the documentation that was needed to complete audits that allowed SIB Development to discover various billing errors, which would have been previously overlooked. They continue to show long-term commitment to us and are continually looking at the big picture when it comes to helping our company save money.

    – Randolph G. Robinson , Vice President, Property Management

  • M.M. Newman Corporation

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    When we were approached by SIB, we figured they were another company that would not be able to produce results. We were shocked when their savings report showed a 32% reduction in our telecom costs. In this environment, where every penny counts, the time it took my staff to collect the documents needed for SIB, produced thousands of dollars in profits through reduced costs.

    – Karen T. Caulfield, Office Manager

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