Ten NFL rookies in the best situations to succeed in 2022 and beyond

Drafted: Round 2, No. 51 overall

This is one of the most unique situations I’ve seen throughout all of my years in the NFL. Longtime Eagles center and five-time Pro Bowler Jason Kelce helped scout and find his eventual replacement — essentially giving Jurgens his seal of approval. 

“I knew we were taking him,” Kelce, who just signed a one-year deal with the Eagles, told Bleacher Report. “So, this is my favorite player in the draft. I’m not just saying that because we picked him. The Eagles have been using me to evaluate some of the centers coming out, and of all the guys that I’ve looked at like for the past two to three years, out of all the guys that compare the most to myself, this guy is him.

“This guy is a freak athletically. He has the best chance to be a difference-maker at the center position. I like this kid a lot. I really do.”

It’s rare that a player openly campaigns for his successor. Jurgens, an extremely athletic center whose playing style is similar to Kelce’s, has the opportunity to learn from one of the best at the position before taking over down the line. With the veteran in Jurgens’ corner, this should be a somewhat-seamless transition into the NFL.