White Labeling Apps as a White-Label App Reseller (2022)

Why resell a white-label app?

Bearing in mind the complexities and expenses of app development, white-label apps are often a better option. By outsourcing this service to a third-party development team, you can add “mobile app” to your other white-label marketing services and products without having to worry about additional overhead costs and development complexities.

Cost efficiency

The biggest advantage of reselling a white-label app is its cost efficiency. Reselling cuts personnel costs like developers, designers, and project managers. Keep in mind that the provider is selling this solution to hundreds of other resellers so the overhead costs are easily made up, which means the cost won’t be astronomical to the reseller.

Fast product delivery

Another great advantage of white-labeling apps is the hundreds if not thousands of hours saved by simply rebranding an existing product. The go-to-market time is significantly reduced by reselling rather than outsourcing a custom app or building one in-house. Resellers also don’t need to worry about app maintenance.

Readily available

White-label app resellers have choices. There are a number of options available and with the ever-changing world of technology you can take advantage of choosing the best provider for yours and your clients needs. Resellers remove the risk of creating an app from scratch too slowly and becoming obsolete.