Zeal – Custom Software Development

Product management for cybersecurity practice.

Legacy cloud modernization increases platform stability.

IT staff augmentation fills software talent missing on mission critical clients

Process re-engineering and new application development.

Mobile application development leads to increased customer acquisition.

Agile coaching increases productivity for technology teams across the globe.

Agile software development.

Data analytics capabilities leads to greater business intelligence and insight.

Software development best practices leads to quicker speed to market.

Enterprise-wide agile transformation leads to quicker speed to market.

Consulting staff augmentation for mission critical projects.

Agile transformation leads to increased throughput and productivity.

Improving Amazon cold store supply chain logistics tracking and effectiveness.

Website modernization improves franchise experience.

Agile coaching to improve IT organization productivity, transparency, and predictability.

Agile project management to guide organization ERP adoption.

Consulting staff augmentation to support Microsoft gold partner client engagements.

Managed IT service to stand up start-up company infrastructure.

Custom content management system for frictionless experiences for physical commerce.

Agile product management leads to strategic feature road-map.

IoT solution reduces fuel, transportation, maintenance, & labor costs.

Managed IT service increases customer satisfaction and decreases IT spend.

Technology selection & implementation leads to greater project insights.

Custom software development leads to increased table turns.